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This website currently consists of two parts:  (1) A large photo gallery and  (2) A series of articles.  Many of the images in the photo gallery are of steelpan performances or competitions, and of other aspects of the Trinidad Carnival which I have attended for many years.  Carnival in Trinidad, and many other places where there is a large West Indian community, includes a major steelband competition, often called a "panorama."  If your interest in pan is serious, you must attend as many panoramas as you can. 

I have been involved in pan in New York for over 20 years, most recently with the Adlib Steel Orchestra, based in Uniondale, NY, a suburb of New York City.  The section of the gallery devoted to pan in New York includes photographs of the 2014 Brooklyn Panorama, mostly of Adlib, but also of other participating bands. 

Additionally, there are albums of photographs of a other Adlib performances in recent years, and also of some other steelband-related events that I have attended. 

Finally, in the Adlib section, there are links to audio and video recordings of recent Adlib performances.

Furthermore, the gallery also includes pictures of other activities in which I have been involved.  I will soon be posting pictures of some of my other recent travels.  To enter the gallery click HERE.

The other part of this website, which I am just now developing, is a series of articles. Most have to do with recording, including recording  steelpan.  Others articles are about Trinidad, and steelband culture and history.

The menu to the right will take you to each of the articles and the photo gallery.

John "Panjumbie John" Schmidt